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A special thanks to all of the extraordinary artists that I have had the good fortune to meet in the workshops over the years. It is a fantastic journey and I am grateful! - Marty Brens












Don Demers materials list

Don Demers

Materials List

With the exception of drawing materials which are mandatory, this is a suggested list. Do not feel obligated to have everything that appears on the list. Each individual has there own preferences. It is the process that is important. Not the specific materials.

 Oil Paints: 

Note that some of the colors are optional

 Ultramarine Blue

Cobalt Blue

Prussian or Thalo  optional

Viridian Cad Yellow light or Lemon Yellow

Cad Yellow  Medium

Cad Red Light

Cad Red Medium or Deep

Alizarin Crimson

 Earth Tones:

Yellow Ochre

Raw Sienna

Burnt Sienna or Transparent Oxide Red

Terre Verte (Green Earth) optional

Burnt Umber

Raw Umber  optional

Greenish Umber  optional


Painting Medium of your choice.  I prefer a fast drying alkyd medium in gel or liquid.  My personal choice is Liquin.



A combination of bristle brushes.  I suggest small medium and large in three styles.

Filberts, Rounds and Flats

One or two Royal Sable flats in medium and large sizes for blending and softening edges.

I prefer Langnickel

Synthetic rounds in small sizes for detail

 I suggest Winsor and Newton Septre Gold


Canvas or linen mounted on board or gessoed board.  Sizes can range approx. from 6x8s to 14x18s but nothing larger.


 Portable Easel or pochade box for working outdoors


A viewfinder: Important!  Whether homemade or manufactured it must be adjustable or proportionate to your canvases.


Sketch Pad with soft pencils for drawing thumbnails and doing studies (mandatory)


A straight edge, ruler or better yet a drafting square (actually a triangle)