Kim English  June,  Cotopaxi

Mitch Baird  June, Cotopaxi

Don Demers, August, Cotopaxi

Lorenzo Chavez, September, Cotopaxi

Michael J Lynch, September, LaVeta

Teresa Vito, October, Pueblo




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Since 1990, we've been offering fine art instruction through plein air and studio workshops in a variety of locations. Artists may choose an all-inclusive package in a Premium workshop retreat; or a workshop in which the participants are responsible for their own lodging and meals.


A special thanks to all of the extraordinary artists that I have had the good fortune to meet in the workshops over the years. It is a fantastic journey and I am grateful! - Marty Brens












Dave Santillanes materials list



Dave Santillanes

Plein Air Supply List



Below is a recommended palette for Oil and Acrylic painters. At the very least you’ll want to include a large tube of each of the primary colors plus White. Any professional grade will do!

Titanium White (large tube)

Yellow Ochre


Ultramarine Blue*

Cadmium Orange

Cobalt Blue #

Alizarin Crimson*

Cadmium Red

Transparent Red Oxide (Rembrandt)

Cadmium Yellow Medium*

Sap Green #

Cold Gray (Rembrandt) #

 * primaries

# optional colors


Flats, Brights, or Filberts recommended for the majority of the work. Have a good range of sizes: 2,6,8,10,12 but make sure to include your BIG brushes (12+)!. A small round is also recommended. Bristle Brushes work for Canvas but softer synthetic brushes are better for smoother panels. If in doubt use a mix of both.

Painting Support

At least 8 canvas (or linen) panels --OR-- 5 primed/sealed or gessoed panels (MDF).** Two per day

Recommended sizes between 8x10 and 12x16.

 **I’ll be using quarter-inch MDF panels sized with Lineco Acid-Free glue and then primed/sealed with B-I-N from Zinsser

 Palette Knife (preferably with a long angled edge for mixing paint)

 Paper Towels and Small trash bags

 Odorless Turpenoid or Gamsol and brush cleaning container (i.e. coffee can)

 Lightweight Easel - I recommend a Field Easel or Pochade box (The Prolific, Strada, Open Box M, Guerrilla

Painter, Soltek, etc.). A Julian French Easel (half-box) is a bit cumbersome but will also be acceptable. Most Field Easels also require a sturdy tri-pod (camera tripod with a large mounting plate).


Additional Items to Consider:

Backpack                                             Neutral-Colored Clothing (bright colors reflect)

Sun Hat or Painters Umbrella Dress in Layers

Sunscreen                                           Hand Cleaner (Fast Orange)

Insect Repellant


Suggested Reading:

Carlson’s Guide to Landscape Painting by John F. Carlson