Dave Santillanes  May, Pueblo

George Strickland  June, Cotopaxi

Teresa Vito  July, Cordillera

Kim English   August, Cotopax

Randall Sexton August, Cotopaxi

Michelle Torrez,  Cordillera


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Since 1990, we've been offering fine art instruction through plein air and studio workshops in a variety of locations. Artists may choose an all-inclusive package in a Premium workshop retreat; or a workshop in which the participants are responsible for their own lodging and meals.


A special thanks to all of the extraordinary artists that I have had the good fortune to meet in the workshops over the years. It is a fantastic journey and I am grateful! - Marty Brens












Howard Friedland Materials List

Howard Friedland Materials List


Note: You probably have most of this stuff already, but just in case!!!


You will want a sturdy but lite-weight rolling bag or suitcase to transport your gear to the locations!!

You will need a support for your canvas panel, such as a …

Portable Easel or a Pochade box with a palette included mounted on a lightweight tri-pod.

There are several good Pochade boxes on the market. We use:

Open Box M  www.openboxm.com

Alla Prima Pochade  www.allaprimapochade.com

If you already have a different lightweight system that is sturdy, that will be fine.


Oil Colors:

Titanium White - 150 ml tube

All the rest - 37 ml tubes

Cadmium Lemon Yellow or Cadmium Chartreuse (Gamblin)

Cadmium Yellow deep

Yellow Ochre

Cadmium Orange

Cadmium Red medium

Alizarin Crimson

Ultramarine Blue deep*

Cobalt Blue light*

Viridian Green

Dioxazine Purple

Raw Sienna

Burnt Sienna

Van Dyke Brown

* If you can find it, if not, get what you can find.

Brushes and Palette Knife

Flat – bristle brushes  (get a few new ones, no worn out or stiff ones please)

(I like Robert Simmons Signet but any good brand will do)

1- #2 Signet

2- #4 Signet

1- #6 Signet

Any other brushes you prefer

Medium size pointed trowel shaped palette knife


Odorless thinner If you are flying in thinner will be provided for $10 for the week.

Panels and Panel Carriers

Sizes: 6x8, 8x10, 9x12, 10x12  Any brand of light-weight panel (also at raymar.com)

Panel Carriers – It is helpful to have panel or stretched canvas carriers to transport wet canvases Raymar wet panel boxes, www.raymar.com or Panel-Pak www.panelpak.com

You may bring whatever you generally use to carry your wet canvas (these are only suggestions)

Additional Gear

Cardboard View Finder (commercially made, or you can make your own)

Sketch Book and Pencil for value studies

Black Marker and Grey Markers (wide tip 20%, 50%, 80% - cool grey)

I-Pad or camera (if you have one)

Pad and pen or pencil for taking notes

Sunblock and a wide brimmed hat

8-10 grocery bags for trash

Paper Towels