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A special thanks to all of the extraordinary artists that I have had the good fortune to meet in the workshops over the years. It is a fantastic journey and I am grateful! - Marty Brens












Matt Smith Materials List


Matt Smith

Materials List  Plein Air

I purchase most of my supplies from SourceTek at www.canvaspanels.com. If you visit their site and click on the “endorsers”

Page you will see my name. Click on that and you’ll see a list of the supplies I purchase from them.

I use Holbein paint unless noted otherwise.

Titanium white
Cad lemon
Cad Yellow
Yellow Ochre
Cad orange
Alizarin crimson
Cad red light
Burnt Sienna
Mauve Blue Shade (Winsor & Newton)
Thalo Yellow green (Grumbacher)
Thalo Blue red shade
Cerulean Blue Hue (Grumbacher)
Windsor violet (Windsor &Newton)

A variety of panel sizes ranging from 8”x10”-12”x16”. I prefer Sourctek Panels, oil primed linen, Claessens #66 on 1/8” Baltic Birch plywood.

I use Silver “Grand Prix” paint brushes. I prefer their flats in #2-6 for outdoor painting.

A painting/pallet knife.

Gamsol for thinning and clean up.

A decent portable easel or pochade box along with a sturdy tripod to mount it on.

A leak proof brush cleaner.

A backpack to carry your gear.

Paper towels.

Razor blade scraper.

Trash bags.

A wide brimmed hat.


Whatever else you like to bring.